A warm welcome for Diana

ImageDear all,

I have recently joined the INL as a NanoTRAINforGrowth COFUND fellow. I will be working with the Applied Nano-Optics group under supervision of Pieter de Beule. I’m an Applied Physics with PhD on optical fibre sensing. Among other subjects, the main goal of my thesis was the development of surface plasmon resonance sensors with high sensitivity in optical fibre.

At INL, I will be working on the characterization of the spectroscopic imaging ellipsometer to attain spectroscopic ellipsometry of core-shell nanoparticles. This project application aims to establish spectroscopic ellipsometry as a solid characterization technique for core-shell nanoparticle systems, providing an alternative to time-consuming and expensive electron microscopy investigations.

My desk is in the ground floor, in the open space next to Pieter’s office.

I am portuguese from Porto and I moved recently to Braga. I’m married and I have a 9 month old son (João), that you can find in our nursery.

Please, fell free to call me. I look forward to meet you all!

Kind regards,