A warm welcome for Teodora Miclaus!

Hi all,

I’m Teodora (Miclaus) and I recently joined Begoña Espiña’s Group. As a Research Fellow at INL, I will be working on characterization and quantification of inorganic nanoparticles in complex matrices, which is a nice and technical way of saying that I will scratch my head to figure out what happens to nanoparticles in the mess that is municipal wastewater. teodora

When people ask what my background is, I find it hard to give them a straight and simple answer. I have a BSc in Chemistry – with a final project on the synthesis of an organic compound typically used in perfumery and cleaning products – and an MSc in something called Science of cultural heritage preservation, from the Physics Department at the University of Bucharest, in Romania. Things become even more diverse, as my PhD, obtained from Aarhus University (Denmark), was in nanoscience, more specifically nanobio interactions. If you are curious to know more about this last part, I’d be happy to see you at my Newcomers’ Seminar (the 31st of October).

Outside of research, my interests are as diverse as within research. I grew up in the small city of Piatra Neamt, in the north-eastern part of Romania. Some of the first memories I have are related to mountains, snow and skiing. I still very much enjoy all three of these things, so if you know any nice hiking trails in Portugal or if you are planning a skiing trip and fancy some company, please do let me know.

Other than that, I am very fond of photography, reading, visit new places and talking to strangers (because nothing is quite like a good and unexpected story). I’d love to take the Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Vladivostok one fine day, as I think it’s a great combination of these things, but I’d like to learn Russian first.

For now, however, I’m working on becoming fluent in Portuguese and getting to know as many of you as possible. Please feel free to contact me at teodora.miclaus@inl.int for anything scientific or otherwise.