A warm welcome for Teodora Miclaus!

Hi all,

I’m Teodora (Miclaus) and I recently joined Begoña Espiña’s Group. As a Research Fellow at INL, I will be working on characterization and quantification of inorganic nanoparticles in complex matrices, which is a nice and technical way of saying that I will scratch my head to figure out what happens to nanoparticles in the mess that is municipal wastewater. teodora

When people ask what my background is, I find it hard to give them a straight and simple answer. I have a BSc in Chemistry – with a final project on the synthesis of an organic compound typically used in perfumery and cleaning products – and an MSc in something called Science of cultural heritage preservation, from the Physics Department at the University of Bucharest, in Romania. Things become even more diverse, as my PhD, obtained from Aarhus University (Denmark), was in nanoscience, more specifically nanobio interactions. If you are curious to know more about this last part, I’d be happy to see you at my Newcomers’ Seminar (the 31st of October).

Outside of research, my interests are as diverse as within research. I grew up in the small city of Piatra Neamt, in the north-eastern part of Romania. Some of the first memories I have are related to mountains, snow and skiing. I still very much enjoy all three of these things, so if you know any nice hiking trails in Portugal or if you are planning a skiing trip and fancy some company, please do let me know.

Other than that, I am very fond of photography, reading, visit new places and talking to strangers (because nothing is quite like a good and unexpected story). I’d love to take the Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Vladivostok one fine day, as I think it’s a great combination of these things, but I’d like to learn Russian first.

For now, however, I’m working on becoming fluent in Portuguese and getting to know as many of you as possible. Please feel free to contact me at teodora.miclaus@inl.int for anything scientific or otherwise.


Dear new colleagues!

I joined INL earlier this month as a staff researcher and head of the group “Ultrafast Bio- and Nanophotonics”.

My name is Jana Nieder. I grew up in Malente, which is a small town between two lakes close to the Baltic sea in the northern part of Germany. After moving to Berlin for my physics studies, during which I spent one year studying in Paris, I moved to Barcelona and then to Lisbon for postdoctoral research. Now, I am happy to get to know the north of Portugal and having the opportunity to build up a lab in the photonics area.

I already met quite some of you, and herewith would like to say “thank you” especially to the INL administration, but also to the INL researchers for a very constructive and welcoming start. So far, it was mainly me asking questions like: How do you do this or that at INL? Now, I’m looking forward to being asked, do you think photonics tools can help in my field of research? Let’s evaluate that together! You can find me in the last office on the first floor (no. 19) or in the lab just across.

As you can suggest from my obvious happiness on this picture, I like the sea! Besides cycling along the coast, I enjoy watersports, like swimming, windsurfing and sailing. Recently, I tried out surf and I am motivated to continue experimenting this fascinating sport. Recommendations welcome!

As you can guess from my obvious happiness on this picture, I like the sea! Besides cycling along the coast, I enjoy watersports, like swimming, windsurfing and sailing. Recently, I tried out surf and I am motivated to continue experimenting this fascinating sport. Recommendations welcome!

See you around, Jana

A warm welcome for Diana

ImageDear all,

I have recently joined the INL as a NanoTRAINforGrowth COFUND fellow. I will be working with the Applied Nano-Optics group under supervision of Pieter de Beule. I’m an Applied Physics with PhD on optical fibre sensing. Among other subjects, the main goal of my thesis was the development of surface plasmon resonance sensors with high sensitivity in optical fibre.

At INL, I will be working on the characterization of the spectroscopic imaging ellipsometer to attain spectroscopic ellipsometry of core-shell nanoparticles. This project application aims to establish spectroscopic ellipsometry as a solid characterization technique for core-shell nanoparticle systems, providing an alternative to time-consuming and expensive electron microscopy investigations.

My desk is in the ground floor, in the open space next to Pieter’s office.

I am portuguese from Porto and I moved recently to Braga. I’m married and I have a 9 month old son (João), that you can find in our nursery.

Please, fell free to call me. I look forward to meet you all!

Kind regards,


A warm welcome to Tareq

Hello Everyone,

I am Mohammad Tarequzzaman from Bangladesh and I have just started my PhD fellowship  with Professor Paulo Freitas and Ricardo Ferreira (PhD) in Spinicur project.

I did my BSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bangladesh and shortly after I moved to Sweden where I did my MSc in Physics. I did my Master thesis at Lund Nano Lab where my specialization was in Nanofabrication.

My office on the ground floor, and I am looking forward to meeting you all.




Language Courses

Below is the information about the Language courses organized by the Language Centre of The University of Minho (BabeliUM) in case some of you or your family members are interested. Please remember that all INL employees and their relatives are entitled to the internal discount. If you are interested in these courses please contact Micaela Ramon (micaelar@ilch.uminho.pt) for more information


Estão abertas as inscrições para os cursos de setembro do BabeliUM

Os cursos têm lugar em Gualtar e Azurém

Temos os seguintes cursos:• Inglês  • Italiano   Alemão • Árabe  Checo • Espanhol • Curso Intensivo de Preparação para o DELE  Francês • Galego • Língua Gestual Portuguesa  • Russo • 


Valor de inscrição (cursos de 50h)

Inscrição: 35,00€
Internos = 155,00€
Externos = 220,00€


Valor de inscrição (DELE)

Inscrição: 35,00€
Internos = 120,00€
Externos = 165,00€

 Valor de inscrição (Alemão Conversação – 30h)

Inscrição: 20,00€
Internos = 80,00€
Externos = 120,00€

Para mais informações consulte a nossa página http://www3.ilch.uminho.pt/babelium/index.php

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